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Bijan Pakzad dies of massive stroke

Apr 15, 2011

Various facebook postings and the Wikipedia page of Bijan Pakzad, famed Iranian-American designer of world's "most expensive" fashion items, report he suffered a serious stroke yesterday. An Iranian blogger and former actor reported Bijan has died. Bijan's family members on Facebook reported he was in critical condition but later emerging news on Facebook confirmed Bijan's death.

Bijan Pakzad (generally known simply as Bijan) was a well-known Iranian American world-class designer of menswear and fragrances. Born 1944 in Tehran, Iran, Bijan immigrated to the United States in 1973. His exclusive boutique on Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills was established in 1976 and can be visited by "appointment only." It has been described as "the most expensive store in the world". Bijan has always boasted of his Persian (Iranian) heritage with pride, although his Iranian critics claim they are not aware of Bijan's great wealth (estimated at a few hundred million dollars) being used in any major investment projects serving the needs of the Iranian community inside or outside Iran. The estimated 1 million Iranians in Southern California, despite the large number of millionaires among them, has no movie theater, cultural center, professional TV station, or even cemetery. The only Persian speaking AM Radio Station in the City was funded by non-Iranian investors and is owned by a non-Iranian group.

Bijan is known not only for his business relationships with the world's most famous and influential people (Michael Jordan, George Bush, Bill Clinton, ...) but also for his exquisite car collection, including a Yellow Rolls Royce Drophead Coupe which he parks outside his Rodeo Drive Boutique.

Recently the management at Rolls Royce teamed up with Bijan to custom-design 30 Limited-Edition models costing more than $1 Million each. Reflecting Bijan’s taste and creativity, these luxury motor vehicles are custom designed for the world’s most powerful people from 20 different countries.

Bijan Pakzad Designs 30 Limited Edition Rolls-Royce for The World’s Most Powerful

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May he RIP, he will be missed
Posted by Matthew omana at Apr 15, 2011
News of his death is not confirmed yet, and will be updated when details emerge.
Posted by Kodoom Admin at Apr 15, 2011
i cant believe it..:( so sad
Posted by Maral Keyhan at Apr 16, 2011
Huge loss for all Iranina, he will be missed.
Posted by Michelle Shahparast at Apr 16, 2011
we pray for you,hope you come back come soon and safe,you are our king of ..............;)
Posted by Daryoush Va Parisa at Apr 16, 2011
he's still alive... who the hell posted that on his wikipedia page! what great source of news, wikipeida!
Posted by arash nikoo at Apr 16, 2011
The news on Kodoom was posted before TMZ, and edited when more news emerged but wiki was not the only source. His death was indeed confirmed by many other sources. is the most reliable and comprehensive source for news and event in the Iranian community.
Posted by Kodoom Admin at Apr 16, 2011
Although I have never met the wonderful and fascinating Mr.Pakzad,I too,shall miss him.The man epitomized style,class,and grace.At any rate,at least we know that Jesus won't be dressed like a homeless nomad,anymore.Bijan will be there to give the Lord some style. R.I.P. my friend.
Posted by Charles Peterson at Apr 16, 2011
BIG LOSS, He was one of the Best Designer in the WORLD...Tasliat beh tamam famileh Mr. Bijan Pakzad ; now touched by the Angels in the Heaven...With Much Respect...
Posted by Nicole Radmand at Apr 16, 2011
What he should had done while he was alive was to build a school or a clinic in Iran. A built of welfer center for Iranian refugees in Turkey would had also been great. He is gone with nothing to show for except his name.
Posted by Pars Zamin at Apr 16, 2011
So sad....RIP
Posted by Niloufar Bahmany Khaleghi at Apr 17, 2011
Bijan was a treasure of enormous admiration and remarkable creative brilliance. As my friend for over 20 years, Bijan was wise and voraciously charming, possessing the daring innovation of a true pioneer. Bijan originated the embodiment of ‘luxury’ ahead of the world that had not even begun to understand the precise essence of the tenet.
Posted by Brett Charles Neubig at Apr 17, 2011
ba chashmani por az ashk va ghalbi por az andoh minevisam: bijan to hamishe dar ghalbe mani, esme bozorge to besane niyakane to dar iran hamvare paydar khahad bod. to bozorgi chon honare to name iran ro be haman bozorgi va shayestegi ke bod be padeshhan va roasaye jomhor besiyari az keshvarha neshan dad, hamegi hatman be in eftekhar khahand kard.
Posted by Alireza Erfanian Parsa at Apr 18, 2011
He was a greate man and a true gentleman .
Posted by Massimiliano Crescentini at Apr 19, 2011