Project X, A wild directorial debut for Iranian-British Nima Nourizadeh

Feb 24, 2012
Scene from Project X

Project X, Nima Nourizadeh's directorial debut (of a feature film) will hit movie theaters next week. The movie is about the wildest imginable party thrown by three high schoolers. It is produced by American director/producer Todd Phillips known for box office hits like Old School, The Hangover, and Due Date.

Nima Nourizadeh

With a BA in Fine Art Film and Video Nima Nourizadeh started his career by making music videos. But the mild-mannered and unassuming Nourizadeh is now known in the film industry for his creative and high energy documentaries and commercials like the popular Adidas video shown below.

But among the Iranian expatriots in England, Nourizadeh is better known for his father, Dr. Alireza Nourizadeh, who is a prominent Iranian journalist in exile, political analyst, and a reformist dissident on top of Iranian government's black list.

With the release of Nourizadeh's wild party movie (Project X) - dealing with a taboo subject inside Iran - the Iranian government now has to fight the Nourizadeh's in two fronts, cultural and political!

Sent by R. Bazargan

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