The "Persian Barbie" seeks "sensual" publicity

Jan 2, 2013
Niki Ghazian

In the business world in America, becoming famous matters a lot. As said in America: "There is no BAD publicity!" and the Iranian-American lingerie model Niki Ghazian knows this well. She seeks publicity at any cost, sometimes in odd sensual or sexual ways. For example she recently posted a controversial “end of the world” offer on the cover of New York Post (pictured below), the "gossipy" publication owned by Rupert Muroch's News Corporation. Dozens of guys flooded Ghazian's Twitter and Instagram accounts with messages offering their "services!" Ghazian says she was joking of course.

Niki Ghazian on cover of NY Post, December 20, 2012

Also according to The Hollywood Reporter, Ghazian has recently entered into a trademark dispute over the term "Persian Barbie" used by Bravo for a new castmember in reality series Shahs of Sunset. Ghazian reportedly has sent Bravo a cease-and-desist letter claiming to be the original "Persian Barbie."

Born in Iran in 1982, Ghazian moved to Los Angeles at a very young age. She is a lingerie model and best known for her appearances in FHM Magazine, the Lingerie Bowl and the Lingerie Football League. She has also been featured on American television shows such as Inside the NFL, Power TV, and ranked on VH1's Hottest Women of the Web (#18 Girls of Lingerie Bowl).

Niki Ghazian (click to see larger image)

Many Iranian Americans (example of distinguished profiles here) may feel embarrassed by the type of publicity Ghazian is generating, but she seems intent on flaunting her physique to show an "appealing" image of herself and Iran! to her American fans. Ghazian proudly mentions her Iranian heritage, which has gotten her even more publicity. Showing her Iranian passport on her facebook page she writes: "To have people who don't even know me attacking my heritage on gossip sites, is beyond enraging. I was BORN IN IRAN, saying I'm Armenian or not Persian because of my hair color is BS!! Anyone who speaks Farsi knows GHAZI means Judge, ian pluralizes it! My great great Grandfaher was the Tribunal Judge and his family was referred to as "The Judges". My family is Persian for as many generations as I can trace back. So if you don't know me then STFU!!!"


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