Islamic uniform for Iranian women's soccer team a health hazard: Deputy Director of Sports Administration

July 7, 2010

Marzieh Akbarabadi, the Deputy Director of Iranian Sports Administration for Women Sports, stormed out of a ceremony today in protest to the new uniforms (jersey) for Iranian Women's football (soccer) team. The new jersey based on Islamic veil was "unveiled" today in a ceremony.

Ms Akbarabadi later explained the reasons for her protest: "The new uniforms were the result of months of design work and consultation with Iranian authorities and FIFA (world federation of football) but what we saw today was neither Islamic nor healthy. These are made out of two thick layers, and our team complained of headaches playing on such a hot day (Tehran's temperature was 105 'F or 41 'C today). How do they expect the team to play for 90 minutes in such outfit?"

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