Official Announcement: Ahmadinejad to auction his car to benefit housing for the poor

Nov 22, 2010
a generic image of Peugeot 504

Iranian News Sources: Sadiq Mahsooli, Iran's Secretary of Social Security and Welfare announced today that "President Ahmadinejad, in an unselfish and charitable move, has decided to auction his car for the benefit of the Mehr Housing funds (for the poor)."

Ahmadinejad reported owning a 1977 Peugeot Model 504 when he came to Presidency, as one of his few assets. Now without his only car, it is unknown how will Ahmadinejad's family transport after his Presidency.

Ahmadinejad is known by fans and critics for his modest lifestyle before and after presidency, but reformists allege that some of his cabinet members are greatly involved in financial corruption. Reformists for example allege that Sadiq Mahsooli, Iran's Secretary of Social Security and Welfare, and a former member of Iran's Revolutionary Guard Corps, is unofficially among the wealthiest in Iran, and has earned Billions in oil trading for previous governments and for the Revolutionary Guard Corps, and has used that wealth to consolidate Ahmadinejad's political power.

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