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Amin Toofani, winner of Harvard talent show, Iranian or Pakistani?

May 25, 2011

Amin Toofani (video below) was winner of last month's "HKS Got Talent" show in Harvard University's reputable Kennedy School of Government. There is some debate on whether Amin is of Pakistani or Iranian heritage, but either way, beyond his studious appearance and interest in politics, Amin seems to be an artist also:

PS: The fire at the end is real!

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marry me!!!! :D
Posted by Sumera Azim at Dec 10, 2011
talent always serves beyond the borders ... never mind if e is Iranian. What matters is the talent he has. Just exceptional. read more about Amin Toofani:
Posted by Shahid Mahmood Butt at Dec 11, 2011
ur awesome ...... love it alot :) <3
Posted by Mahima John at July 24, 2012
He is a pakistani American Pakistani Talent At Harvard – Guitarist, Amin Toofani
Posted by Qamber Abbas at March 24, 2013