Arya Aramnejad: Iranian singer imprisoned, tortured because of songs

Oct 2, 2010
Arya Aramnejad

Following last December's bloody suppression of Iranian reformists' demonstrations, Youtube videos of a soulful song about fighting injustice were shared by thousands of Iranians. The singer and lyricist of the popular song was unknown. A few months later, Arya Aramnejad, a young singer songwriter from Northern Iranian city of Babol was arrested for "actions against regime's security," apparently in relation to the popular song of resistance.

Yesterday, Arya was responding to inquisitions in the Iranian Court. He spoke of torture, solitary confinement in a 30-square-feet cell, and death threats inside the prison. He was told his lyrics and poems about the injustice done to the Muslim Shia Saint (Imam Ali) were not acceptable. A video of Arya's popular song (Ali Barkhiz, or "wake up Imam Ali") in Persian is shown here.

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