Is Paris Hilton a Muslim convert with a new name? (Pictures)

Feb 23, 2011

Earlier this month a British publication published pictures of Paris Hilton - the controversial Hollywood personality known for wildness and nudity! - "veiled" while performing Islamic prayers, and claimed she has converted to Islam and plans to change her name to "Tahirah," meaning the "pure and chaste." Hilton was also quoted: "Forget Scientology or Kaballah. This is the religion to be in now. ... Islam is the new must-have religion."

The news spread quickly when many exuberant Islamic websites duplicated it. An Iranian publication, however, doubted its authenticity and called the news "a gimmick, and a hoax propagated by the Zionist media."

Paris Hilton

But what is the truth?

In recent years, to boost publicity for her shows and brands, Hilton has shown interest in the Middle East. Last year, to make her new show "My New BFF" into a global franchise, she stopped at Dubai. At the show’s press launch, Hilton wore traditional Arab clothing, jewelry and even busted out with, “Asalamu alaikum.”

Separately, to boost her appeal among the more than 1 billion muslims, Hilton has practiced, on her reality TV show, Islamic life with a California-based Muslim family of Pakistani origin (Picture and Embedded video below).

Hilton's approach to Muslims is not an indication of her desire for an Islamic way of life, but a result of her genius "publicity machine" trying to benefit from today's controversial topics surrounding Muslims. The news of her conversion also seems as a "publicity" hoax, because the same British Tabloid announced shortly afterwards that Hilton has found Islamic rituals and Hijab (head cover) oppressing and has now converted to Buddhism!

This is not the first time a celebrity is reported as a Muslim covert. While several celebrities have indeed converted to Islam in recent years (see h[ttp:// article here]), but news of some conversions seem fabricated. Last year, for example, it was reported that Simon Cowell, the famed music industry magnate, may convert (from Judaism) to Islam to be able to marry his Afghani-descent Muslim fiancée, Mezhgan Hussainy (picture below with Cowell). Many Muslim bloggers doubted the news and some even sarcastically suggested that first Hussainy (seen in picture with low cut dress) must learn about Islam before Cowell.

Cowell (left) and Hussainy (right)

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